From a minor web presence to a robust and user-friendly eCommerce operation. Work began with a solid UX analysis, followed by a complete redesign and the creation of three synchronized sites. Because bblüv wanted to tailor its offering to each market, we opted for a multilingual b2c site for the Canadian market (English / French), a multilingual b2c site for the American market (English / Spanish), and a b2b site for its retailers. Implementing a connector between Acumatica (ERP) and Shopify was also required to sync their products, customers, and orders data between systems and operate efficiently.


With multiple retailers closing around the world due to COVID restrictions, bblüv decided to take a digital turn and strategically pivot its operation direct to consumers. With almost no web presence and so many markets to cover, time was playing against the international distributor. To execute its plan swiftly, bblüv management decided to trust Molsoft experts with the project.


This project involved a complete redesign and a WordPress to Shopify Plus migration.


By combining Molsoft proprietary Multilingual solution to Shopify PLUS expansions stores for the multi-currency situation, we were able to create a native commerce experience for every market. 


Using Shopify PLUS expansion stores, we created customer-facing stores as well as password-protected stores with different prices for B2B clients.


Fun and practical baby products for today's parents now available online to everyone. Deeply rooted in its Canadian origins, with a European-inspired design and style, bblüv has gained its reputation as a well-established brand throughout distribution in Canada and the United States. They provide safe, high-quality products that make life easier for parents and their toddlers. Their company has grown, and bblüv is now available in more than 36 countries around the world. With Molsoft and Shopify PLUS's help, the brand hopes to continue its growth in a more efficient and digital way for the years to come.